Author Topic: Android to enjoy the latest improvements made to Google Assistant  (Read 14212 times)

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Google announced today that it has made some changes to its Google Assistant virtual helper. Following up on last year's visual refresh, Google says that an update rolling out now for Assistant will provide those with Android handsets "better visual response and more complete information at a glance." Now when you ask Google Assistant for certain information, you will see a card that includes the information that you seek presented in a clearer fashion.

Some questions are best answered by Google Assistant with a list of links to online sources. In those situations, Google Assistant will show you the complete list of search results from the internet. And the same ads that show up in Google Search when relevant to your search request, will also appear. Instead of having these links appear in a horizontal carousel, they will be listed vertically instead. This allows you to see more of them at one time. Depending on the information you request from Google Assistant, you will receive access to certain tools such as a tip calculator or a metronome. And a new UI that includes images is being used for some categories like events. That makes such results easier to read than just a list.