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Author Topic: YouTube tests skippable ads that reduce interruptions later in the  (Read 6449 times)

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Yes, having to watch ads on YouTube can annoyingly interrupt your viewing sessions on the app. That is why the other day, YouTube posted on its blog a change that it is making in the way it presents advertisements. Starting on the desktop, and moving to mobile and TV, YouTube will present two skippable back-to-back ads prior to the start of a video. Viewers testing these "ad pods" will have the choice of watching both commercials prior to the launch of their video, or face more ads ahead.

YouTube says that viewers who see back-to-back ads before the content starts, will see 40% fewer ads during their video-viewing session. And based on YouTube's research, advertisers make out better with an 8% to 11% increase in unique reach. That metric counts the number of times the same person has seen a particular ad. As it turns out, the fewer times a YouTube viewer is interrupted while watching videos, the more likely he is to view the ads that are served.