Author Topic: Facebook Lite For Android Usefulness Pros And Cons  (Read 6651 times)

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Facebook Lite For Android Usefulness Pros And Cons
« on: November 01, 2018, 01:10:18 AM »

Facebook Lite, the application that occupies less than 1 MB of the popular social network, This application is intended for emerging markets and has been designed with slow connections in mind, so it could be useful if you have a weak phone or a data rate that is too restrictive.

But what exactly are the differences between this Lite application and the complete one? How is the experience when using it in a high-end mobile? Like many of you, we have also asked ourselves this question, and in fact we have decided to take a look and do for you this comparison explaining what our experience has been.

Minimalist and reduced interface

As you can see, the interface of both applications has quite remarkable differences. One of them is the same layout of the sections at the top of the screen, since as you can see not only the icons in the Lite version are inserted in the blue bar, but the search bar disappears and becomes a section plus.

On the left you can also see how the full Facebook application shows us the images that our contacts share in a very visible size, while on the right you will see that the Lite version reduces them so they do not take so long to load, and we will have to press about them if we want to see them with a decent size.

There are also certain changes in the Like and Comment icons, which are much more minimalist in the Lite version. In addition also disappears the signage in text of the likes and the number of comments. The interface of Facebook Lite seems to have come from the past in a time machine, and although the differences are remarkable and gives the feeling of being a more "dirty" application, I can not say that I dislike it either.

As for the rest of sections or tabs of the application, all of them will be shown with a much smaller appearance and more modest and less colorful icons. It is as if Facebook had assumed that the mobile phones that will take over will have mostly small screens and would have adapted the sizes of the application to be able to see as much content as possible.

Performance is the biggest difference

There are many aspects of the design of Facebook Lite that I like, but all the desire that I could have had to use it instead of the full application was passed to me as soon as I started using it for a while. And the biggest differences between the two will not be found in the design as in the performance.