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Author Topic: Facebook rollout News Feed petition feature to pressure corrupt politicians  (Read 15513 times)

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Facebook is involved in all aspects of our lives, be it entertainment, politics, sports or anything that requires social interactions. Unfortunately, many are using the social platform for their own agendas, which, more often than not, don't respect Facebook's rules of engagement.

Now the company wants to give communities and interest groups a voice to request changes from their local and national elected official and government agencies. A new Community Actions feature will be rolled out to Facebook users starting tomorrow, TechCrunch reports.

Community Actions and will allow users to add a title, description, and image, as well as tag relevant government agencies and officials who'll be notified about the existence of a petition.

Apparently, the more people hit the “Support” button, the more likely is for a petition to become viral. Each Community Action will have its own discussion feed where those supporting it will be able to leave comments, create fundraisers, and organize Facebook Events or Call Your Rep campaigns.

Everyone will be able to see how many supporters are behind a Community Action, but the names won't be visible except those that you're friends with or that are Pages or public figures.