Author Topic: Gboard keyboard app updated with huge number of languages  (Read 11809 times)

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Gboard keyboard app updated with huge number of languages
« on: February 01, 2019, 01:49:38 PM »

When it comes to keyboard apps like Gboard, it's not just the new features that make it better, but support for additional languages as well. And Google has done its job pretty well, as almost every Gboard update the company released added several, if not a dozen, new languages.

Currently, Gboard supports more than 500 languages, but the latest update brings it to a slightly higher level. No less than 50 new languages have been added in the newest Gboard update, some of them obscure dialects that only a very small fraction of the population use.

Even so, it's exactly those people that need Gboard to support their languages since they are unlikely to speak English or another such widely spread languages.

Here are all the languages that have been added in this update, but make sure to check out the complete list on Gboard's support page: