Author Topic: Google removes controversial app from the Play Store  (Read 11806 times)

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Google removes controversial app from the Play Store
« on: April 01, 2019, 07:04:24 AM »

Axios revealed last week that Google has removed the Living Hope Ministries app from the Google Play Store. Those who installed the app could listen to recordings of sermons and view texts of devotionals for men, women, parents and their children. However, despite the Ministry's denial, the app was also known for offering gay conversion therapy. This is a controversial method that some (including Vice President Mike Pence) believe will convert gay and bisexual men and women to a heterosexual orientation. The conversion is done by a brainwashing-like technique that uses psychology and religious belief to pound messages into subjects over and over again. Some say that this technique is harmful, ineffective, and could lead to depression, drug-use and suicide.

Meanwhile, Google's action came after 142,212 people signed a petition on that called for the app's removal. Several LGBTQ organizations also demanded that the app be removed. But Google did not respond immediately; it took months of protesting before the company finally followed the lead of other tech firms that had already removed the app from their storefronts such as Apple, Microsoft and Amazon.