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Huawei P Smart+ is here
« on: March 11, 2019, 07:23:05 AM »

Smartphone manufacturers that release several models a year donít always spend the resources to organize events when launching a new phone, especially if itís not a flagship one. Such is the case with the latest member of the Huawei smartphone family: The P Smart+ 2019. The device was leaked and anticipated (not very eagerly) for a while, but today it finally appeared on Huaweiís official website along with details of its software features and hardware specs. Letís take a look!


The Huawei P Smart+ wonít wow you with its design, but that doesnít mean itís bad. Itís just what weíve come to expect from smartphones in 2019. The majority of the front panel (89% of it to be exact) is taken by the 6.21-inch Dewdrop display (donít mistake it for a teardrop one!) that has a tiny notch for the selfie camera and a noticeable (but not big) chin at the bottom.