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Author Topic: Lenovo patents foldable phone with a cool second screen  (Read 11452 times)

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Lenovo patents foldable phone with a cool second screen
« on: April 03, 2019, 07:19:22 AM »

Motorola is expected to introduce its first foldable smartphone this year with the throwback Motorola RAZR (2019). The device opens and closes vertically, and when open it reveals a 6.2-inch display with a resolution of 876 x 2142 and an aspect ratio of 22:9. There will be a smaller external display with a resolution of 600 x 800 and an aspect ratio of 4:3. We should see the RAZR (2019) surface this summer, priced at $1,500.

Motorola's parent, Lenovo, is apparently looking at other foldable form factors for Motorola or its own brand. Today, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) published a patent (via LetsGoDigital) received by the Chinese manufacturer last year. The patent covers a foldable clamshell with some similarities to the Motorola RAZR patent. The key to this phone is the flexible hinge that allows the user to fold the device in a couple of different ways. With a second screen found on the bottom rear of the phone, this screen can be folded over to cover a small part of the main flexible screen. The phone can be folded again making the device more pocketable, protecting much of the display and revealing a small part of the top of the flexible screen.

The primary camera would be found on the back of the device with a selfie snapper placed in the top bezel. A speaker is located on the top of the phone. Samsung will be the first major manufacturer to release a foldable phone when the Galaxy Fold launches on April 26th carrying a $1,980 price tag. Later this summer, the Huawei Mate X will be available, priced at the equivalent of $2,600. Other companies like Oppo, Xiaomi, and TCL have revealed that they will be offering their own foldable models. We've seen some patents from Apple that are related to a foldable iPhone; such a product could appear in 2020.

Lenovo's patent number is US D828,321 S and is titled Flexible Smart Mobile Phone. It was originally filed back in November 2017.



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