Author Topic: new Blackview phones are built to last  (Read 7011 times)

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new Blackview phones are built to last
« on: May 08, 2019, 06:27:02 AM »

For all the amazing things smartphones can do for us, they still have one major downfall — they are pretty easy to break. And, when you have a pocketable object that you are bound to handle about a hundred times each day, odds of you dropping it are high. For people that demand their phone to withstand the occasional bump or drop, there are two solutions. One, you can get a rugged case, which may or may not look good and it may or may not protect your device when the worst comes to happen. The second is to get an armored phone — a rugged handset, designed to survive tough conditions as its core function.

A lot of users steer away from armored phones for a couple of reasons — they may be bulky and not very pretty, and they also usually come with underpowered hardware. In comes Blackview.



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