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Author Topic: World's first countrywide 5G test returns 5x faster real-life speeds  (Read 14222 times)

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A recent news out of Korea stated that the country's three main carriers already have a million 5G subscribers between them. Despite Verizon's bragging that it managed to execute the first commercial 5G network connection with a phone (Moto Z3 with the respective Mod) - just a day before Korea said it will officially flip its 5G switch - the rollout in the US has been painstakingly slow.

The good news is that Verizon doesn't charge extra for 5G connectivity, at least for now, but that doesn't alter the fact that there is a million-strong 5G army in Korea ready for the countrywide 5G network speed tests. This is exactly what the researchers from OpenSignal did, and they just sent us the world's first real-life 5G network performance report. We know what you are waiting on the most, and will give it to you straight away.


To be precise, OpenSignal's crowdsourced testing returned exactly 111.8 Mbps. While that may pale in comparison with the theoretical 1Gbps and more speed capabilities of the 5G standard, let's not forget that the theoretical limit of 4G LTE speeds is also much higher than the average 21.3 Mbps that Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile achieve in the US. Here are all the key findings in OpenSignal's first real-life 5G network testing report:

Overall, 111.8Mbps is a far cry from the 1.17Gbps people are measuring on a single device 500 feet away from a 5G cell site in Chicago, but this number is an average from automatic/background testing that is endorsed by official bodies like the FCC. It illustrates speeds across times, locations, near spotty areas and ideal locations, at home, in transit, etc.



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