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Author Topic: Issue with Samsung Galaxy S10 line causes shorter battery life  (Read 10431 times)

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According to posts on Reddit and the Samsung U.S. community forum made by owners of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 line, the accidental touch protection feature on the phone is not working. This includes the "Block accidental touches" option that is supposed to keep the display off when the phone is in a dark place, like a user's pocket. The latter uses the handset's proximity sensor (more on this later). As a result, not only is the phone butt-dialing random people, when the device is pulled out of a pants pocket, the dialer is often on the display with a bunch of numbers, letters and symbols typed in. Some are blaming the placement of the proximity sensor, which is found on the status bar just above the "%" symbol used to show how much battery life is on the phone. 

Galaxy S10 users say that their phone takes screenshots, opens apps and even turns on the flashlight while in a pocket or a purse. The latter is quite an achievement since it requires the screen to be dragged down twice and the flashlight icon to be tapped. For some users, they can feel the handset vibrating in their pocket and when the device is pulled out from there, it is running hot and the battery is draining faster than it should be. The failure of the accidental touch protection feature to work can lead to some embarrassing moments. For example, a Galaxy S10 owner didn't realize that his phone had butt-dialed the police emergency number. When he returned home, the cops were there asking if he had an emergency.