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Author Topic: Samsung Galaxy Fold release dates confirmed  (Read 16080 times)

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Samsung Galaxy Fold release dates confirmed
« on: March 27, 2019, 06:58:33 AM »

Will foldable form factors revolutionize the stagnant smartphone industry, helping global shipments rise again after a pretty bad year by opening up new multitasking possibilities and creating innovative use cases essentially endangering the existence of conventional tablets? Perhaps, but not right away.

One of the main reasons why foldable mobile devices are unlikely to take off in their first generations is how few of these phones we expect to actually see in stores by the end of the year. Samsung, which has been famously working on the Galaxy Fold for the better part of a decade, vaguely promised an initial production run of "at least" a million units back in November.

While it's unclear if the plan still stands or if any sort of upwards or downwards revision has taken place since then, the company was reportedly looking at a monthly mass manufacturing pace of around 100,000 of these versatile devices last time we picked up some media chatter on the topic. In contrast, Galaxy S10 production is estimated to exceed 3 million units every month, with total sales of 10 million projected for this month alone.