Author Topic: Samsung urges Those who pre-ordered the Galaxy Fold to make a decision  (Read 6925 times)

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Back on April 22nd, Samsung announced that the Galaxy Fold would be delayed in the U.S. (and elsewhere) by at least one month. Today, Samsung sent out an email to those who had pre-ordered the foldable device from the manufacturer, which was originally scheduled to be launched on April 26th. In the email, Samsung said that it cannot confirm a shipping date for the Galaxy Fold. Those who cancel their pre-order before the device ships will receive a full refund of any amount of money that they were charged.

If someone with a pre-order does not get in touch with Samsung and the Galaxy Fold does not ship by May 31st, the order will be automatically canceled and the consumer will receive a full refund. Those who do not want their order canceled on May 31st can respond to Samsung's email with a request to have their order shipped later. If you do ask Samsung to keep your place in line, you still have the ability to cancel that order up until the phone ships.

So why did Samsung decide to delay the launch of the Galaxy Fold? It all started when several influencers peeled a plastic film off of the large internal display on their review units. While it looked like the kind of protective covering that one would remove from a smartphone screen, Samsung had included a warning with the Galaxy Fold that stated in no uncertain terms that removing this layer of plastic could damage the screen. But this was far from being the only problem with the device. One influencer somehow got debris inside the hinge area and it resulted in a bulge forming on the screen. Other units had defective internal displays that just stopped working.

Samsung is limiting production of the phone, and at $1,980 not too many people are expected to shell out this kind of cash for a first generation foldable handset. Despite the limited demand at the moment, there are many consumers keeping an eye on how the Galaxy Fold story, uh, unfolds. Additionally, a number of other manufacturers have publicly announced that they are working on a foldable device and the Huawei Mate X was unveiled a month after the Galaxy Fold. While the Galaxy Fold folds inward, the Mate X folds outward. Huawei's $2,600 phone is expected to launch later this summer.