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Author Topic: Some Samsung Galaxy Fold displays are facing disastrous issues  (Read 8729 times)

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The Samsung Galaxy Fold is supposed to represent the future, the future of smartphones and tablets to be precise. But just two days after Samsung begun handing out review units in the US, multiple journalists have begun experiencing severe problems with the display.
Not one, not two, but FOUR reports of issues!

The first to report a problem was Dieter Bohn of The Verge. Like many others he received his Galaxy Fold unit on Monday, but by yesterday evening the Galaxy Fold’s display already presented a tiny, mysterious bulge that sat along the crease in the middle.

It’s unclear how this bulge developed – it could be a bit of debris or a defective hinge that is poking into the display – but by this morning it had result in both a vertical and horizontal line of dead pixels along the OLED panel.

Shortly after Bohn’s admission, CNBC’s Steve Kovach took to Twitter to showcase similar problems. However, in this particular case a thick strip of pixels directly above the crease have permanently blacked out. The left side of the Galaxy Fold’s display also flickers constantly, essentially making the larger display unusable.