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Author Topic: Verizon rolls out a new plan just for kids  (Read 10909 times)

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Verizon rolls out a new plan just for kids
« on: April 03, 2019, 07:20:30 AM »

As if Verizon didn't already have enough types of plans you can mix and match without (major) restrictions, including three different unlimited options, a new service designed specifically with kids (and parents) in mind is now official, launching Thursday to help families "call a technology truce."

No more arguing with your children about how much data they can use, who they're allowed to call, how much time they can spend online, and what content they're permitted to access. Now you can add a "Just Kids" line of service to your family account and blame Big Red (just kidding) for providing only 5 gigs of 4G LTE data a month. Once your little one hits that cap (and they absolutely will), you don't have to worry about overages either, as a built-in Safety Mode feature is programmed to automatically kick in and substantially slow down cellular speeds.