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Author Topic: Huawei asks its U.S. suppliers to break the law  (Read 9690 times)

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Huawei asks its U.S. suppliers to break the law
« on: December 06, 2019, 12:21:42 PM »
Locked out of its U.S. supply chain on which it spent $11 billion last year, Huawei has relied on stockpiles of components it built up in anticipation of such a ban. And while the lack of the Google Play services version of Android and Google's core Android apps is more problematic for the manufacturer's global sales, it appears that inside China the bloom is off the rose. State-run media and social media are attacking China's darling for making bogus accusations against a former employee that left him jailed for 251 days; the company never apologized.

Now, according to U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, who spoke with Reuters, Huawei is trying to get its U.S. suppliers to break the law by asking them to move their operations offshore. Back in May, Ross' department placed the company on the entity list for security reasons. As a result, the manufacturer is not allowed to purchase U.S. software or components. While some still believe that Huawei will be used as a bargaining chip by U.S. negotiators working on a new trade agreement with China, the firm is considered a national security threat in the states. That's because a law in China allows the reigning government to demand that Huawei spy on its behalf. As a result, American lawmakers fear that the firm's phones and networking equipment contain backdoors designed to send information to Beijing. Huawei has always denied these allegations which date back to at least 2012.


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