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Author Topic: Microsoft Surface Duo is impossible to repair  (Read 10303 times)

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Microsoft Surface Duo is impossible to repair
« on: October 02, 2020, 10:31:12 AM »

The Microsoft Surface Duo is pretty unique Ė while itís not the only dual screen phone on the market, itís the only one to measure 9.9 mm when closed (meaning each half is only about 4.8 mm thick). Designing such slim hardware was challenging and required a lot of trade-offs as Zack from JerryRigEverything found out.

We donít want to spoil the ending of the video for you, but itís not a happy one. The Duo is basically impossible to repair as everything is aggressively glued down and covered in graphite tape, which rips as components are removed.

The hinge is pretty interesting, though. Since it doesnít have to fold and then stretch a bendy screen, the hinge mechanism is a lot simpler than those of foldable phones. However, unlike current foldables, this hinge can rotate 360į. It still needs to protect the two cables that connect both halves of the device, which complicates things a bit.

In case you missed it, hereís the durability test Ė did making the Surface Duo so thin compromise its strength?


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