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Author Topic: Report shows In-screen fingerprint scanners are not good enough yet  (Read 12717 times)

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In-screen fingerprint scanners are the technology of the future... or are they?

In the past few years, fingerprint scanners have moved quite a lot. From their original and probably most convenient position below the display, manufacturers have started placing them more and more in different spots on the back of phones, then on the side of the phone, and finally, in late 2018, for the first time, we saw fingerprint scanners embedded inside the display.

These in-screen fingerprint scanners allowed phone makers to do away with big bezels and create truly exciting phones with a display that would stretch all the way from edge to edge. The fingerprint readers themselves are exciting technology, penetrating through the glass of the screen to read the intricate ridges of your fingerprint, recognize whether the scan matches yours and unlock the phone in a split second.

Needless to say, I was eager to try this new technology out for the first time this year with the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. A bit later, OnePlus also adopted an in-screen fingerprint scanner in its newest OnePlus 6T, which has been my daily driver in the past couple of weeks.


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