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Author Topic: LG trademarks show the company has a new flagship  (Read 11122 times)

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LG trademarks show the company has a new flagship
« on: July 12, 2019, 04:51:56 AM »

Despite the troubles LG is facing on the smartphone market in recent years, the company remains motivated to be one of the big players in the industry. LG keeps looking for the right formula that will capture peopleís attention once more and it seems there will be at least four more attempts to do that.

That is, if the company manages to make use of all the smartphone names it just received a trademark for, as LetsGoDigital informs us. Earlier this year, LG released the G8 ThinQ. The G9, next yearís model, is surely under development by now, which means itís high time for the company to make sure it has the proper rights for the models beyond that.

And it did just that, as it becomes clear from the database of the Korean Intellectual Property Office. The institution granted LG four trademarks for products classified as smartphones: G10, G20, G30 and G40. This means that LG is planning to take the Huawei route when it comes to flagship naming and skip on boring numbers like 11 and 12.


LG confirms launch date for its next 'Dual Screen' flagship

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