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Author Topic: You should Uninstall these two Android apps now  (Read 9048 times)

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You should Uninstall these two Android apps now
« on: September 23, 2019, 04:38:09 AM »

Google has removed two Android apps that have been installed together over 1.5 million times. The apps were making money for those behind it by running pop-up advertisements that rang the cash register for the bad actors every time someone clicked on an ad. You might say to yourself, well, what's the harm. Why begrudge some guy out there because he's making some dough. But the truth is, these ad playing apps can take up some of your phone's resources and help drain the battery.

What these two apps were doing was discovered by mobile security firm Wandera (via ZDNet). Sun Pro Beauty Camera had over 1 million installs while Funny Sweet Beauty Selfie Camera garnered 500,000 downloads. If you installed either of these two apps on your Android handset, you need to uninstall them now. As usual with these malicious apps, once you have installed one, the app icon disappears from the app drawer as a shortcut is created. And even if you delete the shortcut, the app keeps serving up ads in the background.


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