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Author Topic: TCL's prototype phone folds open is a 10-inch tablet  (Read 11013 times)

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TCL's prototype phone folds open is a 10-inch tablet
« on: October 25, 2019, 07:32:57 AM »

We've seen the Samsung Galaxy Fold, already released, with its inward folding screen that opens up to produce a 7.3-inch display. Expected to be released later this month is the Huawei Mate X with its outward folding back and front displays that open up to form an 8-inch screen. And while we've seen Xiaomi's prototype that featured a phone with a double-folding screen, today CNET reports that TCL has been demonstrating a non-working prototype of a tri-fold smartphone.

The company, which produces BlackBerry phones like the Key2 and Palm's small phone under license, has been trying to promote the TCL brand for products besides television sets outside of China. Right now, the screen on the prototype does not work. But there are rough specs that include a screen that measures approximately 10-inches when fully opened, a quad-camera setup, a front-facing camera, and a USB-C port. The phone, if it goes into production, will carry an Iridescent finish and it will not-repeat not-have an earphone jack onboard.